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The 21st century is called the age of environment.
The seriousness of recent environmental problems is felt closer to our daily lives.
Our lives and circumstances should be protected and improved for ourselves.

Our company's goal is to improve people's health and living environment.
We manufacture and supply the 'Cyclone Suction Mat', which blocks the inflow of contaminants such as fine dust from our shoe soles, the 'Shoe Sole Cleaner' that washes shoe soles as wet-type before entering the clean room, the 'Castor Wheel Cleaning System', which cleans and washes castor wheels as wet-type to keep the workplace clean.
In addition, the 'Oil and Water Separator' that prevents pipe clogging and water pollution by discharging animal oil, the 'Water Vapor Control Device', which prevents air pollution from industrial water vapor, and 'Magic Mat' which is functional mat getting rid of mud and water from our shoe soles and 'Cleaning Detergents',

As a result of continuous R & D of our employees, in 2019, our product, 'Cyclone Suction Mat' was selected for World-Class product. We also performed a 'Reliability Assessment' to add objectivity to quality.
Daeshin MC will continue to do its best to grow into an environmental company that is trusted with constant technology development and honesty.