Inter-process washing machine

High-temperature cleaning washes oil,  and is effective in metal surface treatment.


Inter-process washing machine

With high temperature washing, sculpting, oil, etc. are well washed, and it is effective for surface treatment of metals.
-It removes moisture from the air and extends the life of parts.
-Temperature setting is possible. (30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃)
-Timer adjustment is possible. (0.5 seconds to 100 hours)
-Since it is fully automatic, anyone can operate it with one touch.
-Ideal for cleaning immediately after processing.
-There is no risk of malfunction due to the operation by air pressure, and it is easily repaired.


Model DMH-80K DMH-100K
Dimension 350 x 395 x 1640H 600 x 552 x 1693H
Weight 40Kg 70Kg
Power AC200/220V  single phase AC220V  3 phase
Heater Capacity 3KW 5KW
Power Code 2m
Air Pressure 4~9kg/㎠
Basket Ø250 x 310mm 400 x 400 x 250mm
Working time 0.5 sec ~ 100 hrs
Washing water weight 20Kg 40Kg
Tank capacity Non MAX 80ℓ
Quantity 9.999