Caster Cleaner

Cleans caster wheels perfectly, easily and Instantly!


Caster Cleaner

Caster Wheel Cleaning System

Factory Cleanliness, It begins with us.

Designed and developed as world 1st

Why Caster Cleaner?

Motivation for Development

The above problems are solved by Caster Cleaner.

What is Caster Cleaner?

Automatically cleans wheels cleanly and easily

to prevent indoor pollution through wheels

Slope Type & In-ground Type
according to the cleaning weight

When cleaning, 200kg or more in installed as In-Ground Type

In-Ground Type’s internal composition is slightly different from Slope Type to withstand the heavy weight.

Less than 200kg is installed as a Slope Type.

Slope Type machine can be installed as In-ground type as itself.

99.9% Powerful Cleaning

Wheel Cleaning Test Before vs After Video 1.

Wheel Cleaning Test Before vs After Video 2.

Wheels that have been stained  for several years are also cleaned perfectly.

KIMM : Powerful Cleaning Test Result

Wheel Turning Prevention

When cleaning, the wheels are not rotated.

Automatic Pushing Forward Wheels After Cleaning (Patented)

After cleaning, the machine pushes wheels forward automatically.

Easy one-touch consumable exchange.

Automatic sludge discharge

Water Recycling System

Sludge is automatically collected in a sludge bag.
Simply throw it away.

Contaminated water is recycled automatically. Maintenance is very easy.

Complete removal of moisture

It is an excellent mat for removing moisture. It can hold more than 3-4 liters of water.
It is washable and it can be used for about 3 years.

User economics
Expected cost per month

Reliability Assessment Test


In Ground Type

Slope Type

Model & Specification

DS-200SA-R Drawing - Slope Type

DS-200SB-R Drawing - Slope Type

Certificate & Patents




Clean Factory starts from having Caster Cleaner
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