Smokeless Grill

Without smoke and smell,
Best taste and pleasant and clean environment


Smokeless Grill

Inside the store of grilled meat and Bulgogi restaurants, it is always uncomfortable for Grillers and guests because of the smell and smoke.
Our smokeless roaster has the best taste that tastes like without smoke and smell.
Provides and creates a pleasant and clean environment.


-No hood is required even when installed at the entrance of a shop.
-It can be dismantled without using tools and is easy to clean.
-The effect of directing is great by using heat-resistant glass.
-It can be manufactured and installed to fit the interior space.
-It is equipped with a Celtec filter with nickel plating on urethane foam.
-Electricity can be either single-phase / three-phase (220V / 330V).

950 x 500 x 1800mm

1000 x 600 x 1800mm

Charcoal Fire

Compared to other materials, the outside of the furnace is not hot, so there is no risk of burns.
Since far-infrared rays are released from the inner wall, fuel is saved and rear cleaning is simple.

FS-600RQC (4~8 persons)
470 x 350 x 210mm

FS-1000RQC (8~15 persons)
930 x 350 x 210mm


610 x 270 x 275mm
0.46kg/h(LPG Consumption)
5,520kcal/h(City gas consumption)

860 x 270 x 275mm
0.74kg/h(LPG Consumption)
8,880kcal/h(City gas consumption)