Grill Plate Cleaner

Easy and Simple Cleaning for Grill Plates


Grill Plate Cleaner

Hard to clean Grill Plate?
Now, clean easily and perfectly!



Advantages of Grill Plate Cleaner

-You can use Grill Plate for a long time because you will have no scratch on the Plate.
-Labor and electricity costs are reduced.
-Electricity 100W (Monthly 24 hours, 30 days: 6,000 won ( approx. US$5)
-Stainless steel, coated plate, triple plate, aluminum plate, copper grills, etc. can be cleaned.
-You can use the cleaning detergent for a long time
after taking out the grease with a “Special Mesh Net”, which is provided .
-It is developed with precise design, so there is no breakdown, and anyone can use it easily.


Model Size(mm) Capacity(ℓ) Detergent Usage(mm) Grill Plate Capacity Power
DS-750 800 x 450 x 490 80 2 Bottles /1month 60~80 ea 220V/60Hz
DS-160 990 x 490 x 510 160 4 Bottles /1month 110~120 ea
Customized 5 , 10 Bottles/1month Above 120 ea

How to use

‘Yellow Glove’ and ‘Special Scrubber’ will be provided as free of charge at first purchase.

Grill Plate Cleaner

[Patent 0342352]

DS – 027

DS – 037S
Copper and stainless steel

DS – 037R
Coating plate, triple plate

DS 111

If you use suitable detergent to each plate, cleaning power will increase and the lifespan will be expanded.
The ratio water and detergent is 1:3.
Special Mesh Net
You can use detergent longer if you use ‘Special Mesh Net’ filtering the used oil.
‘Special Mesh Net’ is very fine net. (Approx. 3 mins taken to filter used oil).
If you use Special Mesh Net everyday by filtering used oil, the cleaning power will remain.
Special Scrubber
By using ‘Special Scrubber’,  it is possible to sustain the nature subtle color.

Before vs After

Installation Pictures