Oil Separator

Resolving “Clog in Sewer” Caused by Animal Oil.


DS -Oil Separator

Resolving "clog in sewer" caused by animal oil.

Photo of sewage blockage by animal oil

Introduction of Korean legislation

“Sewerage Act, Article 23 15843. 2018. 10. 16 .. Some revisions ”

Sewage of water quality that may significantly impede or damage the function of public sewerage facilities.
Sewage that may make it difficult to maintain effluent quality standards.

<Appendix 7> Revision 2009.6.30. Installation standards for drainage facilities {related to Article 23 (2)}

Section 6. A screen with an effective spacing of 10 mm or less must be installed at the inlet where solid substances are introduced.
A maintenance shut-off device must be installed at the inlet through oil and fat flow.

Necessity of "DS -Oil Separator"

Due to the economical cost and inconvenience caused by sewage clogging

due to the oil wasted in the process of cooking food

After using “DS -Oil Separator

– Separation of up to 99.6% of discharged oil

     – As the sewer blockage disappears, the odor disappears.


  -Designed to be used even under a small store sink

-Easy to manage since it is seen that oil is flowing out of the machine

The main factors of drain pipe clogging

It has been reported that 95% of repairs to drain pipes are caused by oil (AVFOGS), and the oil in the wastewater sticks to the drain pipes and accumulates and hardens, which in turn leads to clogging of the drain pipes.
( ** Reference :
▶ When AVFOGS is more than 30mg / liter in wastewater, it easily leads the accumulation of carcinogenic liquids and solids,
▶ It is said that 93% of all AVFOGS enter the drain pipe as a result of dishwashing, cleaning and general kitchen sanitation.
▶ We have strengthened the systemic management system of nationwide countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, which experienced and experienced “impactable urban paralysis” due to clogging of drain pipes for a long time, and are still managing it.

Definition of Oil

Commonly referred to as grease and “FOG”, is defined as “AVFOGS”. * It stands for Animal, Vegetable, Fats, Oil, Grease and Solids.
Fat, oil and grease are present in the following 4 types of wastewater,
and solids of the wastewater are present as two particles, solid and soluble.
=> 4 types: General oil, machine oil, chemical oil, and oil-soluble resin

Source of Oil (AVFOGS)

It exists naturally in many products and is used as a cooking process [as a natural result of cooking], and is included in food ingredients.

Classification by Oil Separator equipment


Big building, such as famous fast food stores and department stores
Group meals, large chain stores, military service centers, food codes
Pork soup, etc.

How it Works

Product structure and flow chart

Model and Sizes

Drawing and dimension


Under the sink

Installed outside 1

Junggye-dong “Cheonaewon” installed outside the kitchen / 250 people per day /
Model: DS-40 / Electric single phase: 1.5kw / Connected to 4 “piping

Installed outside 2

Ramen Factory (Nong Shim)

Nongshim Ramen Line Installation / Model: DS-40

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