Non-Asbestos Insulation Plate

Blocks heat and saves energy


Non-Asbestos Insulation Plate




With the diversification of uses for industrial equipment and devices, the demand for heat-resistant structural materials is also increasing.
The Miorex series features outstanding insulation, mechanical strength, excellent dimensional stability, excellent price / performance, asbestos-free safety, electrical insulation, and machinability.
In addition, it can be used to obtain advantages such as energy saving and productivity improvement, making it a product adapted to the recent environmental response.
In addition to research and improvement, we have a variety of products in the ‘Miorex Series’.

Effect of Insulation

You must use our heat-resistant structural material as an insulating plate. By doing so, you can reduce power consumption and get a great energy saving effect.
Shortening the heating time in the initial stage of operation and reducing the loss of material during test.
As shown in the figure below, the evaluation of the mold temperature of 140 ℃ makes the time for the energy saving effect of about 40% of the energy required for heating to reach the set temperature is also about 20% faster.
In addition, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the mold and the molding machine by controlling the temperature distribution of the mold and suppressing the thermal conductivity of the molding machine body.

Energy saving effect by insulation plate

Equipment used: 80 ton injection molding machine Mold size: 380 × 320-340H Mold setting temperature: 140 ℃ (cartridge heater heating)


PMX-573 (S Type) This grade combines heat resistance and economics.
PMX-561 (HR-1Type) It is a general-purpose grade that can cope with various applications that combine high heat resistance and economy.
PMX-562 (HR-2) is a food hygiene law (K-1113-1) certified material.
PMX-562 (HR-2Type)
PGX-595 (HG Type) Among the series, it is a highly reliable grade with excellent heat resistance, mechanical strength, and dimensional stability.

Compare different material grades and properties

Title Miolex Glass epoxy laminate Metal Ceramic Super engineering plastic
PGX-595 PGE-6771 NEMA-G10 SUS304 Aluminum oxide PEEK
Heat resistance X
Lightweight X
Thermal insulation
Compressive strength
Compression Creep X
Electrical insulation X
Machinability X
nonflammable X
Material price X

Characteristic image diagram

Compressive strength

Rubber forming machine (horizontal type)

Compressive creep

Die forming machine

General characteristics

Title Unit Pretreatment direction Miolex Series
PMX-573 PMX-561 PMX-595
Heat resistant temperature 250 500 400
Compression Creep % 180℃-10MPa 0.71 0.27 0.08
Flexural strength Mpa A,FW 100 ~ 150 45 ~ 55 120 ~ 130
※ [30 ~ 40]
Compressive strength Mpa A,FW 150 ~ 200 120 ~ 150 420 ~ 480
※ [90 ~ 120]
Impact strength J/cm² A,FW 1.5 1.1 2.5
Charpy impact test ※ [0.8]
Coefficient of thermal expansion 1/℃ A,FW 6.6X10 ^-6 9.0X10 ^-6 2.3X10 ^-5
Thermal conductivity W/(m・k) A,FW 0.3 0.3 0.3
Volume Resistivity Ω・cm ★1 FW 10 ^12 10 ^14 10 ^15
★2 FW 10 ^7 10 ^9 10 ^13
Absorption rate % 24 hours after immersion in water 2.0 ~ 5.0 4.0 ~ 6.0 0.1
※ [8.0 ~ 10.0]
Weight A 2.0 ~ 2.2 2.0 ~ 2.2 2.0 ~ 2.1
Remarks ◆ Non-flammable combustion test for railway vehicle (3-128K)
Thickness 5mm or more
◆ Non-combustible material combustion test for railway vehicles (8-514K)
◆ HR-2 (PMX-562) conforms to the food hygiene law ware product standard test (K-1113-1)
◆ Non-combustible material combustion test for railway vehicles (19-198K)

Symbol Explanation A: Normal FW: Vertical to the floor
※ Values in [] are measured values of HR-2 (PMX-562).
★ 1 volume resistivity after 4hr / 150 ℃ drying
★ 2 volume resistivity after 100hr / 25 ℃ 90% moisture absorption
* Please think based on the heat-resistant temperature value.
* The values in the table are examples of measured values and are not guaranteed.

High frequency melting furnace

Injection molding machine

Thermal properties

After high heat, Flexural strength
(after 100hr high heat at each temperature)

Compressive strength of high heat
(after 100hr high heat at each temperature)

Compressed Creep Rate (180 ℃ -10MPa: 300hr)


Model Main Purpose
PMX-573 For textile machinery, heat-insulating plates, heat sinks for vehicles, heat-resistant and heat-insulating materials for general machinery
PMX-561 Tire and rubber molding machine insulation plate, general direct pressure press, insulation plate for mold, IC mold mold side plate, insulation plate for induction heating furnace and electric furnace
PMX-562 Bakery other food manufacturing machinery
PGX-595 IC mold molding insulation board, precision mold insulation board for electronic parts conveying and inspection jig, insulation board for thixo molding, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, insulation board for injection molding machine
PGE-6771 Insulation board for injection molding machine, insulation board of blow molding machine Rubber insulation board insulation board, precision mold insulation board

Standard Dimensions

* The parallelism can be precision polished to 0.02mm.
* If precision polishing is required, please consult us.

Thickness(mm) Standard Size(mm)
PMX-573 3 ~ 30 1000 X 1000
31 ~ 50 900 X 900
PMX-561 3 ~ 35 1000 X 1000
5 ~ 25 950 X 1250
PMX-562 4 ~ 25 950 X 1250
PGX-595 1 ~ 30 1000 X 1000
3 ~ 30 1000 X 1200
PGE-6771 0.5 ~ 50 1000 X 1000
0.5 ~ 50 1000 X 1200
3 ~ 50 1000 X 2000


General precautions Remarks
Prevent moisture absorption. Avoid high humidity.
Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
※ Having dew is a factor of the characteristic degradation.
signed the dew is a factor of the characteristic degradation.
※ It absorbs moisture directly from the floor.
In particular, avoid storing or using the PMX-573 under conditions of high humidity, or when touching water, steam, etc.
Pay attention to the atmosphere. Avoid locations where chlorine, sulfur, carbon dioxide, etc. are common.
Avoid places where salt breeze blows directly.
Avoid dusty places.
※ dust causes degradation of the insulation absorbs moisture and harmful gases.
Avoid places with high temperatures (above 40 ° C).
Avoid direct sunlight and choose a shade or cool place. It accelerates deterioration by increasing the temperature by direct sunlight and shortens the useful life.
Discoloration and deterioration are promoted by ultraviolet rays.
Other reactions are accelerated and deterioration is accelerated by direct sunlight.
기타 PMX-561,573 may generate smoke odor for the first time at temperatures above 200 ° C, but it does not indicate that there is an abnormality in the decomposition gas of organic substances containing traces.
In addition, if there is a problem, additional heat treatment, etc. are possible, so please consult with us.
When PMX-562 is used as a furnace floor, such as a bread oven, the use of special care should be taken since direct burning of special objects or scratching with a metal shovel may cause surface peeling.