Cyclone Suction Mat is responsible for your health.
It is protecting your health and the environment from harmful viruses.

How to make

SmartClean Factory
and Indoor?

Here is the key !
New concept Solecheck is essential for all indoor places threatened by micro dust and harmful particles. Now, enjoy clean and pleasant indoor by blocking fne dust and particles with Solecheck.


Korea World-Class
Product Award 2019

The Modular Mat, developed for the first time in the world, makes it easy for users to maintain and to use long time. In addition, the cyclone function is added to the existing dust collector. So the filters in the dust collector can be used for a long time without odor.

Easy to use

If you just walk on the mat, it will vacuum dust and harmful substances from shoe soles strongly.

Strong and Durable

Polycarbonate and the development of modular mats ensures that the mat is not crushed or deformed from strong shock.(Durability Teste by KIMM.)

Easy to maintenance

The horizontal dust collector allows you to open the lid directly to replace the flters and easily discard the dust tray where the dust accumulated.

Motivation for Development


About 80% of indoor pollutants come from visitors' shoes

[International Association Study] ▶ Need to prevent pollutants through visitors’ shoes from entering into indoor.


Inconvenience of previous One-Plate Suction Mat

▶ Modular Mat is developed. ▶ Easy maintenance.


Cyclone Function is added

By adding Cyclone function, life of HEPA flters are extended without odor.

What is Solecheck?

It creates a clean and pleasant indoor environment by vacuuming micro-dust, soil, particles, and harmful substances strongly and effectively which are entering indoor through shoes.

10” HD Monitor with USB

Information transfer purpose

Automatic Sensor

Sensing and start operation

Dust Collector

01 Cyclone (Above 10㎛)
02 1st Non-woven Filter (Below 10㎛)
03 2nd Round HEPA Filter (up to 0.3㎛)
04 3rd Square HEPA Filter (up to 0.3㎛)


01 PCB Panel
02 Suction Power Control
03 USB Port

Connect Hose

Connecting hose between Modular Mat and Dust Collector

Modular Mat

01 Modular cells
02 Moldings

Advantages By using Solecheck

Since it vacuums dust strongly, it can be installed at every entrances of buildings to keep indoors clean. It has advantage of being upgrade the indoor air condition by vacuuming the small dust strongly. Not only those, meet the various advantages of Solecheck.


Create Clean and Welcome Image To visitors

At the entrance, company can give the image to visitors that values the indoor environment by using Solecheck.


Keep Most Pure Air indoor condition

In the performance tests of KTL and KIMM, only very fne dust of about 0.01 micron was discharged into the air.


Less Quality Complain

Quality is the most important thing in a factory, and quality starts with cleanliness. You can reduce quality complaints by using Solecheck.


Save Cleaning Cost

Once installed, it can signifcantly reduce the regular cleaning cost.


Keep Being Healthy

We need to pay attention to the indoor environment. Solecheck removes dust coming through the shoe sole and it maintains our health.


Make Smart Clean Factory

Smart Cleaning starts with smart equipment. Depending on what equipment you use, you can create a smart clean factory. Start SmartClean factory with Solecheck.

Smart Factory Map

Grating Structure

Non-Grating Structure

(Previous Model)

In the previous Non-Grating Structure, it can not vacuum a lot of dust. Also, dust that is not vacuumed still remained on the top plate at the edge and is delivered indoors through the shoe sole again.


Grating Structure

(Upgraded Model)

To vacuum dust perfectly with large amount, Grating Structure is developed. Grating walls prevent dust from rising again. It can capture huge amount of dust. The Grating Structure completely prevents dust from scattering as dust does not remain on the top plate and all falls down into the grating.

No Dust Scattering

The Grating Structure prevents dust from scattering because all dust falls down and is vacuumed between the gratings, even if any impact or distortion occurs on the mat.

World 1st Patented Modular Cell

Durable Suction Pin

Pass 1 million push tests with 150kg. Only 1 Suction Pin was broken.

Source : KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)

Convenience of Maintenance

If a suction pin is broken, only the broken pin can be replaced immediately. You can always maintain strong suction power.

Anyone Can Assemble

Anyone can easily remove and assemble the Modular Cell without special experts.

World 1st Developed

The world's frst developed Modular Cell makes users to maintain and use product easily.

Strong against Vertical Load

500KG load test on the modular cell. No damage to Modular Cell.

Source : KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)

61 Pins Per Cell

With 61 suction pins in a Module Cell, It improves suction rate.

Water Clean is Available

You can clean Modular Cell with water and reuse it. Make your indoor more sanitized perfectly.

Easy Expansion of Installation

You can make Modular Mat to ft the size you want. Now, try to install Solecheck in anywhere.

Dust Collector 105 Type

Dust Collector

105 Type is suitable for Modular Cells
- From 40~ 59 cells (1 DC)
- From 60 ~ 144 cells (2 DC)


Dust Collector 104 Type

Dust Collector

3 Steps Filters

With 3 steps flters, it completely blocks dust up to 0.3㎛ to create a clean indoors.


Monitor with USB

Information in the USB is being shown on the monitor to deliver information.


Cyclone Function

Big particles (above 10㎛) collected in Dust Tray only and is not flowing into the flters. So it expands flters’ life span without ordor.

104 Type is suitable
for Modular Cells

From 1 ~ 19 cells (1 DC)
From 20 ~ 39 cells (2 DC)

01 week use from the entrance of PCV Factory. Dirt and dust collected after the demonstration.
02 Soil and dust collected after 294 hours used in the indoor.
03 Dirt and dust collected after 3-4 months of use at a food company's air shower room.

Proved Top Quality and Excellent Technology

Electric Shock Safety

After applying the 500V voltage test,
check the high insulation resistance of "76 GΩ"!

Electric shock rate: Low
Electric shock safety Certifed!

Source: KIMM

Temperature Dependent Operation

Normal operation at
Low Temperature(-7 ℃ ~25 ℃),
High Temperature(25℃ ~55 ℃) !

Source: KIMM


Excellent for indoor use with 62.2 Db!

Compare: Vacuum Cleaner Noise 86dB
Source: KTL

KR Patent Evaluation

Solecheck has been evaluated with “excellent -AA” results in all areas of the patent for mechanical technology.

KR Patent Evaluation Report

Source: Korea Intellectual Property Ofce, Korea Promotion Invention Association (December 29, 2019)

Emission of fine dust grade.

Emission of fne dust from Solecheck : 0.0175mg/㎥ It maintains the indoor condition grade.

Fine Dust Forecast Grade (Source : KTL)

Suction Rate

Dust Size 0.3µm ~ 100µm

Micro dust suction rate 99.37%!

Very high suction rate!

Source: KIMM

Micro Dust (Size 0.3 µm to 1 µm) signifcantly reduced!

Source: KIMM(Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)

Comparison with previous methods

Where to use

Various Usage Type